April 21, 2017
Reedy High School
Reedy High School held a CTSO recruitment fair at the end of September 2016. Here is a photo of the Reedy HS Business Professionals of America doing a little recruiting, and earning some torch awards!
December 2016
Palacious High School
Palacios HS BPA collected items for a garage sale to be held for local Special Olympics and Life Skills class. December 2016

Reedy Blood Drive

Reedy High School was recently asked to start hosting two yearly blood drives on their campus. Their BPA was more than happy to accept that challenge and host their very first ever school blood drive on Dec 15, 2016. They were able to meet their goal of collecting over 75 units of blood, and save some lives in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex.


Reedy High School Trash Pickup

Recently the Reedy High School Chapter of Business Professionals of America noticed a problem around their school, what could the problem possibly be?? TRASH. Being a fairly new campus next to a community park and several construction zones, trash was being blown all over their campus. The chapter members decided it was time to take matters into their own hands, and clean up their campus - and as a side benefit, they could try and apply to a BPA cares chapter award, and record their Torch Points.


Reedy High School

Reedy HS getting ready to win some medals at their Jan 2017 Area 1 Region 3 Regional Leadership Conference.


Reedy High School

Reedy High School celebrating the win for the Texas BPA Cares Award, and the Social Buzz Award at the Texas State Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX March 2017.


Reedy High School State Send Off

Reedy High School BPA participating in a school wide send off for the Texas Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX


State Officer Team and Awards

Your 2016-2017 Texas BPA State Officer Team showing off all of the Prizes that were given away at the Texas BPA State Leadership Conference Special Event.